Monday, January 29, 2018

Referees need to register on line by 28 February

Registrations for the 2018 season are now open and available online via RugbyLink. This year there are now two categories of membership:

1. Active Member: Referees and referee coaches
2. Non-Active Member: Members who do not wish to referee or coach but are a Life Member, Committee Member, Patron, Volunteer or Parent

Active Members - No payment is required now. Registration will be deducted from your match payments at the end of the season. If two or more education nights are attended through the season registration is free.

Non-Active Members - Registration is Free

RugbyLink is now accessed using the same login details as the Rugby Learning Centre, you will require your MyRugbyID / email and Rugby Learning Centre password in order to register. For those who registered online in 2017 these will be same as last season.

This year we are collecting bank details up front, so please have these handy. You can access the registration form via the link.

Please register by 28th February. For insurance reasons only registered members will be appointed to games.

If you are not intending to renew with SNRR this year, it would be appreciated if you completed the exit survey, available from here.