Story 4

Subject: Uncontested scrums in School games

Situation: In uncontested scrums, I understand that the No.8 cannot take the ball away from the back of the scrum. I reffed on Saturday for Shore School 4ths and had occasion to introduce uncontested scrums when a Joeys prop left the field. I explained the rules of the uncontested scrums but neglected to mention the No.8 taking the ball away. Of course, first scrum the Shore No.8 took the ball away. As the Shore boy did this in good faith, I elected to allow play to continue and then allowed this situation to occur for the rest of the match. I would like the group’s opinion of my decision, and also what restrictions are placed upon the respective halves in these circumstances.

Decision: The number 8 may play the ball. No special restrictions apply to half backs.